Monday, 11 May 2015

Papa's Home


First impressions

Arrival hall bedlam, chaos
welding next to the carousel 
sparks spit at the unmasked face.

Picked up on a motorbike 
with rucksacks front and back
trying to keep upright.
Daylight dimming
the faint scent of meat on a spit
weaving through cars
parked and jutting.
Brakes slammed, rickshaws halt
cows graze and goats are tied
like domestic pets.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Take me there



Its the twinkling lights, the au chante
the boundless possibilities ignite the skyline.

Its the effortless chic, the coffee on pavements
the macaroons, the vin rouge.

The tall dark stranger who helps when your lost
piecing together street names on a crumpled map.

The bustling cafes, the croque monsieur.
The literature, the flair
the endless padlocks
the countless stories.

The romance, the simplicity.
Wicker baskets for the market, the feminine class.
The cliché that came true
I fell in love with Paris.


Monday, 9 March 2015


Sometimes we want to grow but can't find the water
the source of nourishment to feed the roots
to see the flower flourish.
To find the stake to support
to lean on, to climb with
and reach full bloom.

Life parallels this cycle of nature
sometimes we are wilted
nipped and shy of stretching out of hibernation
Seasons for feelings and ready for spring :)


Some trips are fun, some unpredictable, some spontaneous.  Our trip to Malawi was all of these things, in addition to being a life changing experience.

Living simply and enjoying the things in life that money can't buy, love, kindness and happiness in abundance. All with my number one Sherriff by my side, can't wait for our next adventure together!


Happy Happy Holidays

Some of my favourite pics from an amazing week! x